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Duplex owner uses Conserv sales method to sell property


Conserv Executive Director Michael Collins placed his 2-story Charlottesville Duplex on the market in the late summer of 2006 as a Conservation Property.

The property featured the following conservation assets:

  • Passive solar features
  • Solar hot water
  • Hardwood floors
  • Non-toxic paints and adhesives
  • Native plant landscaping with no grass
  • Natural brick and cedar siding
  • Adjacent to a tributary of the major creek that runs through the City.

The property sold in 60 days.

Collins had the listing agent, Roger Voisinet, write into the listing agreement, that the purchaser would agree to meet with the Environmental Education Center in Charlottesville to learn more about the environmental assets found on and adjacent to the property. Collins also asked the Center to complete a bioassessment on the property prior to listing and had this information available to purchasers that looked at the property.


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