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More friends to thank

As I realize all the folks I have forgotten to acknowledge that had something to do with the launch of this site…

At the top of the list of those I failed to mention is Ridge Schuyler, Piedmont Programs Manager with The Nature Conservancy in Charlottesville. Ridge is the Piedmont Program Director and during 2003-2005, he worked with me, Nick Evans, Steve Keach, and John Hermsmeier on ideas to create a conservation real estate system. Ridge found a small amount of funding to support a feasibility study and for that I will always be grateful. Thanks Ridge and Jean Lorber and Ruth Overbeck for all your support.

And, Terri Connell, with Interactive Planet, thanks for all your help.

Also, Terri Long, Graphic Designer, poured her heart into finding the right logos and fonts for Conserv and American Conservation Broker and its early prototypes. Thanks Terri for your great energy and creativity.

- Michael Collins


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