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The Great Contraction – Some Early Thoughts

In my daytime practice as a professional planner, I see signs that profound shifts in land use are now taking place. Not knowing of any other name for what has begun, I’ll call it “The Great Contraction” as opposed to the syndrome of the last 50 years—”The Great Expansion”.  The role of conservation in U.S. culture during a Great Contraction may be significantly different than in the past. This new age might present expanded opportunities for urban and rural communities to find ways to coexist in a symbiotic manner.

It is possible that a contraction of our economy, a contraction of commuting patterns, a contraction of food webs, etc., will lead to profound changes in real estate markets. Conserv is now building additional  marketplaces to capture emerging real estate opportunities for conservation-minded buyers and sellers. Contrary to how some might view “conservation”, we believe many of these opportunities may be found in selected towns and cities throughout the U.S..

- Michael C. Collins, Executive Director, Conserv


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