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Bob Jordan

Bob Jordan died early Monday morning, January 5. Bob was my last living brother-in-law. His photography work graces the homepage of this website. He was a loving father, uncle, grandfather, and husband to my sister-in-law Mary.

Bob was an eagle scout. At his funeral yesterday, I realized that this training formed the structural foundation for his life…60 some years of merit badges on the subject of fly fishing, wind surfing, carpentry, forestry, photography, old time banjo, and civil war reenactment.

From my experience, his kindness, curiosity, good cheer, and humor knew no bounds. He was a man who lived and loved the moment.

Mary said yesterday that in his final days, he seemed so at peace with his dying. At one point, she went into the room, and he was moving his hands around, and she asked; What are you doing? He replied with a smile “matching hatches”…fly fishermen will understand.

According to Mary, he died literally with a smile on his face.

Well done Bob.

See you soon.

- Michael Collins


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