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Property wanted in California!

Conserv: We are thinking of relocating from virginia to california. so far we have been in touch with traditional real estate agents. we would love to find a property that is sensitive or may potentially be developed so we could “rescue” it from overdevelopment. we need to build a small one story house on it where we could live, but would promise to leave the rest of the property natural and untouched. it doesn’t look like you have anything in northern california right now? do you have any potential properties on the horizon? we have a modest amount of money to invest (if we are able to sell our house here in VA. Thank you for what you do!

Contact Anna Rybat, email:


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  1. larry quadrato Says:

    Have property in the beautiful Calif. Sierras that needs a conservator. 1 ac. to 23 acre parcels with infastructure to site or very close. Would hate to see it developed and
    ruin the beauty. Contact me by Dec. if interested as I will be out of area after that date.

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