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Conserv seeks marketing consultant

I have been working with the good folks at Simply Logic Technologies and Category 4 in Charlottesville for months to launch the next version of this site. It’s does seem like it’s literally 2 steps backwards for every 3 forward but we’ll get there. The new site has to start bringing home the bacon. I have recently been reading David Meerman Scott’s book the New Rules of Marketing and PR and it has been somewhat inspiring as has Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett’s book, ProBlogger.

Like anything else, to be proficient at something, it takes more than reading about how to do it. Well, the new site will need web marketing proficiency asap, so here’s my offer (it’s also on Craigslist):

As a first approximation, I believe the site needs to net $3.00 per hour to become sustainable in the short-term. To go from nothing to 3 bucks is a huge leap, I know, but hey, I have to believe. What I will offer to a marketing whiz is 100% of the revenue from the site over and above the $3.00/hr. net from June 1 till the end of the calendar year or some other arrangement that I am unaware of that meets the organization’s needs and the needs of the whiz short of payment out of current cash reserves.

That’s it. Anyone interested?

- Michael Collins


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  1. Michael Collins Says:

    We have had some very nice inquiries and are still looking for an individual or group to assist us.

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