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Mongo trout on the Jackson

A few weeks ago, we featured a Success Story about former State Senator Doug Barclay and his trout fishing business on his farm on the Salmon River near Port Ontario, N.Y. That story discussed how one family has forged into market-based conservation.

Over this past weekend, my fishing buddy, Chris Mawdsley (owner of CrisCars in Orange) and I, spent a day fishing at Meadow Lane Farm on the Jackson River in Bath County. The farm, well, it’s 1400 acres of one the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, with silly, I mean, silly-sized, mongo trout—Brookies, Browns, Rainbows, and speaking of Rainbows, Chris swears he saw a 30″ beast jump out of the water in front of him. Claims it was a “Steelhead” or some such out of Moomaw. I didn’t see this apparition, but I did catch a 20″ rainbow while he was telling stories, and, truth be told, catching more fish for the day than me. But I digress. More on this later.

For May, we’ll interview Glenn Hirsch, now owner and operator of the Farm, and discuss with her how her family integrates her conservation ethic and the market to maintain and enhance the rich environmental assets found on this stunning property and hope for new emerging market-based conservation opportunities ahead.

- Michael Collins


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