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Using Deep Green Classifieds to Create New Revenue for Rural Landowners

Farming and forestry landowners are looking for additional sources of revenue. In the not too distant future, federal, state, and local governments are going to have far less dollars to operate with. Traditional government conservation program funds are shrinking and some are being eliminated completely.

We exist to help these types of landowners create additional revenue streams through implementation of conservation practices that increase the quality of environmental assets and ecosystem services for which there are current or emerging markets.

How can we do this? As of this moment, the Google page rank of the following keywords leading to Deep Green Classifieds is the following:

“Leasing and sale of hunting rights” – #5 (of organizations that market hunting leases)

“Leasing and sale of fishing rights” – #1

“Leasing and sale of bird watching rights” – #1

“Leasing and sale of wildlife observation rights” – #1

“Leasing open space and dayhiking” – #1

“Real estate wanted with wind assets” – #1

“Conservation and preservation services offered – #1 (of organizations that list these types of services)

You get the idea. At least for particular keyword searches, and using google as a search engine, our Classifieds are the #1 destination worldwide for marketing environmental assets and services. If you are a rural landowner that is interested in creating additional revenue for your property through the conservation of natural assets, please contact us at 540-661-7379 or send us a message via this site.

We can create custom categories to help the lovers of outdoors sports and recreation find your property for hunting, fishing, bird watching, camping or any other conservation-friendly use you can think of.

- Michael Collins


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