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Why Teri Gordon from Lake Hughes, California seeks certification as an American Conservation Broker (ACB)

Recently, Teri Gordon, from Lake Hughes, California, and a REALTOR with P.J. deHaas Properties, contacted me about enrolling in the American Conservation Broker certification program. During our conversation, Teri discussed her passion for the desert and lake habitat around northern Los Angeles and for the Lakes and Valleys Conservancy.

The mission of the Conservancy is:

to acquire, preserve and protect the lakes, wetlands, valleys, desert and meadow ecologies in Northern Los Angeles County; to provide natural habitats and wildlife corridors for indigenous and migratory wildlife, as well as the conservation of native plants and natural communities in perpetuity.

She has described her specific interest in ACB certification as follows:

I am interested in conservation and being certified with your organization because of the changes I see locally, around our state and the country.  I want to educate myself to help others protect what is left of our natural habitats, open space and wetlands, etc.  Making the effort to get certified will show my community of my dedication to the preservation of our precious ever diminishing rural lands.
Currently the main focus is the acquisition of a 175 acre private lake in Lake Elizabeth adjacent to public lands owned and serviced by the US Forest Service.  The private lake needs special attention because of the habitats currently thriving there.  We want people to enjoy the lake but not have access to every part of the lake, because even the well intentioned people may harm sensitive areas.
After being certified I would like to be able to work with conservancies helping them locate, purchase or have  properties donated that need to be protected.

Since Teri will be helping us to pilot the continued development of our web-based curriculum system, we have provided Teri with a full scholarship for entire enrollment in the program.  We hope that in months ahead, conservation-minded clients will seek Teri’s counsel and representation for their real estate needs.

- Michael Collins


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