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Bridge over the River Robinson

As Conserv‘s relationship with the Rappahannock River Basin deepens, I thought it would be a good idea to explore one of my favorite tributaries of the river a little more deeply. With the high waters of early summer, I took the opportunity to kayak the upper Robinson, from Criglersville to Rt. 29. It was a great 4 hour trip, but dangerous. There were a lot of stringers and about a half-dozen times, I had to gingerly move through rapids. Land use-wise, the trip was also interesting, a lot of the riparian area is forested, but a lot is also grass down to the bank. Recent conservation efforts of humans were also present, with occasional rootwad revetments with streambank plantings. The old footbridges over the river are also very cool—it was a blast floating under them, or, in one case, pushing myself along with the help of some young kids that ran up to push me out of a shallow spot.

- Michael Collins


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