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A New Currency for an Ecological Age

As energies for the consideration of ecosystem markets gather here in the mid-atlantic, the search for demand drivers for some types of these services intensifies. While there has been significant resources devoted to the creation of supply side models and metrics (which are essential), without robust demand, market-based conservation is a daydream. Although the following market categories show promise:

Corporate Carbon Market

1. Corporate Social Responsibility

2. Corporate Preparation for Compliance

3. Green Market

Personal Carbon Market

1. Carbon Neutral Transportation

2. Carbon Neutral Energy Use

3. Carbon Neutral Food Consumption

Local Water Utility Water Market

1. Surface water supply protection

2. Ground water supply protection

Non-point Nutrient Market

1. Phosphorus Non-point reduction

2. Nitrogen Non-point reduction

Forest Cover Market

1. Land development offset

2. Forest cover eco-label offset

3. Wetlands mitigation

4. Stormwater BMP

Biodiversity Market

1. Biodiversity eco-label offset

2. Wetlands mitigation

Virginia Greenhouse Gas Reduction Market

1. Virginia Greenhouse Gas eco-label offset

valuation of these, expressed via our national currency, may not provide all the flexibility we might desire in the 21st century. What if, however, we were to find another currency, a bioregional currency, not to replace the one we have, but to simply add to it, to help reduce environmental externalities? A vehicle to do this may have already been invented by the man in the image. More about him, and his work, in a later commentary.

- Michael Collins


3 Responses to “A New Currency for an Ecological Age”

  1. Mark Herpel Says:

    Carbon coins


  2. Eco Friendly Says:

    When you change your billing currency, eBay opens a new currency account under your current User ID. Eco Friendly

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