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Rappahannock River Basin Commission moves forward with plans for launch of Exchange

Graves Mountain Lodge, Syria, Virginia…

Eldon James, staff member to the Commission, proposed the following framework for the launch of the Rapahannock Exchange Initiative. 

The Rappahannock River Basin Commission, working with Conserv, the Virginia Department of Forestry, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Virginia Ecosystem Services Interagency Team, will sponsor a fall symposium on Eco-System Services and Market-based Strategies to Improving Water Quality and the Establishment of the Rappahannock Exchange.


1.      To Increase body of knowledge and understanding of eco-system services and other market-base strategies to improving water quality; and

2.      To introduce the Vision of the Rappahannock Exchange to interested individuals, organizations, and communities.

The Exchange is a five-year National Demonstration Pilot Program to create a (Bio)-regional Marketplace for Bay-friendly Products and Services.

The one-day symposium will introduce participants to examples of markets of the Exchange, including:

  • Energy utility stewardship
  • Environmental asst leasing
  • Conservation real estate
  • Regulatory offsets
  • Utility system payments for water source protection, and
  • Health and environmentally-friendly products and services including “green” and regenerative design aimed at the built environment (i.e. green roofs, rainwater harvesting and other energy and water saving techniques)

The symposium will be open to any participant interested in contributing to the creation of the Exchange and will specifically include:

  • The first meeting of members of the Rappahannock Exchange Ecosystem Services Council
  • Special facilitation featured Future Search methodology
  • Preparation for a spring meeting to create a Business Plan for the Exchange.

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