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President Obama issues Executive Order on Sustainability


Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release October 5, 2009


By the authority vested in me as President by theConstitution and the laws of the United States of America, andto establish an integrated strategy towards sustainability inthe Federal Government and to make reduction of greenhouse gasemissions a priority for Federal agencies, it is hereby orderedas follows:

Section 1. Policy. In order to create a clean energyeconomy that will increase our Nation’s prosperity, promoteenergy security, protect the interests of taxpayers, andsafeguard the health of our environment, the Federal Governmentmust lead by example. It is therefore the policy of theUnited States that Federal agencies shall increase energyefficiency; measure, report, and reduce their greenhouse gasemissions from direct and indirect activities; conserve andprotect water resources through efficiency, reuse, and stormwatermanagement; eliminate waste, recycle, and prevent pollution;leverage agency acquisitions to foster markets for sustainabletechnologies and environmentally preferable materials, products,and services; design, construct, maintain, and operate highperformance sustainable buildings in sustainable locations;strengthen the vitality and livability of the communities inwhich Federal facilities are located; and inform Federalemployees about and involve them in the achievement of thesegoals.

It is further the policy of the United States that toachieve these goals and support their respective missions,agencies shall prioritize actions based on a full accountingof both economic and social benefits and costs and shall drive continuous improvement by annually evaluating performance,extending or expanding projects that have net benefits, andreassessing or discontinuing under-performing projects.
Finally, it is also the policy of the United States thatagencies’ efforts and outcomes in implementing this order shallbe transparent and that agencies shall therefore disclose resultsassociated with the actions taken pursuant to this order onpublicly available Federal websites.

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