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West Virginia Bioenergy Webinar – October 21st

A brief one hour webinar will be held Wednesday, October 21st from 1-2 PM.  The session is titled “Exploring Bioenergy Projects – A look at Active Bioenergy Projects Developed Outside of Virginia: Lessons, Examples, and Opportunities

As the name suggests the goal of this webinar is to take a look beyond the borders of Virginia, and learn of bioenergy projects underway in other regions that may serve to inform project development in the Commonwealth.  Depending on interest, the plan is to hold a series of these brief webinars with each one focusing on a particular project.

This first session focuses on the gasification of poultry litter at Frye Farms in Wardensville, WV.  The session is open to anyone interested in the subject, and will be recorded for those that may be interested but cannot participate during the live session.  The recorded version will be posted at: under the “Web Meeting” tab.

Biomass Energy Webinar Brochure


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