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Conserv releases Rappahannock Exchange Prospectus

Conserv, working with the Rappahannock River Basin Commission, The Virginia Department of Forestry, and Members of the Commission Non-point Source Workgroup, have completed a Prospectus of the proposed Rappahannock Exchange. The Cover Page and Table of Contents of the Exchange are provided below:

The Rappahannock Exchange

A Bioregional Marketplace to restore the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay

A National Pilot Program of the Rappahannock River Basin Commission

P r o s p e c t u s




The Rappahannock River Basin Commission

In cooperation with:

The Virginia Department of Forestry,

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation,

and other public and private entities with an interest in the restoration of the Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay

October 20, 2009



What is a Bioregional Marketplace?


Description of the Rappahannock Exchange

Exchange Conceptual Diagram

What will Success Look Like?

Why Here? Why Now?

The Plan

Resources Needed

This document will be provided free of charge to registrants for the December 9 Symposium Incentivizing Restoration through a Chesapeake Bay Economy.

To register go to: and click on the Registration Form


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