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Sustainability Zeitgeist: Convergence on Systems Approaches to a Post-Industrial World

I’m amazed at the sustainability zeitgeist of our times. Thanks to Joe Starinchak for passing along some great journal articles….

From David J. Brunckhorst at the UNESCO Centre for Bioregional Resource Management in Australia….Institutions to Sustain Ecological and Social Systems, an older article (2002) that gets at the need for bioregional thinking. The article however is heavily oriented to governmental coordinating approaches rather than self-organizing, bottom-up approaches.

From Joseph Fiksel at the OSU Center for Reslience….Sustainability and Resilience: Toward a Systems Approach, a comprehensive discussion on systems approaches that are possible; the A Path Forward portion of this paper includes sound recommendations.

From Jules Pretty and David Smith at the U.K. Centre for Environment and Society….Social Capital in Biodiversity Conservation and Management, a thoughtful commentary relating to commerce, social capital, and ecosytem services.

From the McKinsey Global Survey of Executives….Tackling Sociopolitical Issues in Hard Times, what business executives conceive their responsibilities to be in the future.

And from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development…..From Challenge to Opportunity-The Role of Business in Tomorrow’s Society, business roles in areas such as population, povery, environment, and globalization.

Thanks to all these organizations for allowing Conserv to post these articles.

- Michael Collins


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