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Conserv to convene Rappahannock Marketplace Business Council

As a follow-up to the Rappahannock River Basin Commission 2009 Symposium, Conserv will convene a Rappahannock Marketplace Business Council in April or May of this year. Council participation will be by invitation only and will surely include business persons that participated in the fall symposium.

The Council is expected to consist of approximately 30 stakeholders and will be charged to deliberate on the proposed Rappahannock Marketplace Proposal. The proposal, now complete, and under peer review by business persons, academicians, and others, will be released to the general public at the first meeting of the Council. The Proposal contains a multi-year feasibility testing phase to work out Marketplace details.  Should testing reveal proof of concept, deployment within the entire Rappahannock watershed is expected to occur in 2012.

The Rappahannock Marketplace Proposal contains two new foundational elements not present in the Exchange 1.0 proposal prepared last year by Conserv in cooperation with many partners. As stated in the Proposal Executive Summary:

The authors propose to create a ‘game changing’ pilot initiative in the Rappahannock River Basin to restore the Chesapeake Bay based on the following hypothesis:

Degraded ecosystems such as the Bay can be restored through an evolution in our concepts of property, public corporations, and markets. The proposed evolution is a logical next step in human society’s conception of the public utility and property.

More information on the Business Council Kickoff is forthcoming.

Thanks to Pat Cooley and the NASA Earth Science Picture of the Day!


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