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Plans Finalized for Rappahannock Nutrient Cooperative Business Advisory Council Kickoff June 10

Today, Conserv, working with the Rappahannock River Basin Commission, sent out Invitations to attend the Kickoff of the Rappahannock Nutrient Cooperative Business Advisory Council at the University of Mary Washington Jebson Business Center on Thursday, June 10 fromĀ  10-1 p.m. The invitation from Virginia State Senator Emmett Hanger is below:

May 25, 2010

Dear Friend of the Rappahannock River Basin:

Please accept a personal invitation to attend the first meeting of the Rappahannock Nutrient Cooperative Business Advisory Council on Thursday, June 10, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Jepson Business Center at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg. The convening of the Business Advisory Council is the follow-up to last year’s symposium “Incentivizing Restoration through a Chesapeake Bay Economy”. I hope that after you hear about this ground breaking initiative, you will agree to participate with me on the Business Advisory Council.

The Rappahannock Nutrient Cooperative is proposed as a new public corporation created to help restore the economy and ecology of the Rappahannock River basin and Chesapeake Bay. The Cooperative will manage two interwoven and complementary programs; a Marketplace to facilitate the transaction of River and Bay-friendly products and services, and Restoration Economic Development, to create restoration jobs, both of which will complement Virginia’s governmental response to meet EPA Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) goals for non-point sources of nitrogen and phosphorus. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to shepherd the Initiative through a three year testing phase. Should proof of concept be demonstrated, the Council could become the Board of Directors of the Cooperative.

The agenda as proposed is below:

  • Welcome and Charge – 10 a.m.
  • Purpose of Gathering – 10:00 – 10:10
  • Rappahannock Marketplace History – 10:10 – 10:20
    • Exchange 1.0
  • Rappahannock Marketplace Proposal Executive Briefing – 10:20 – 10:35
    • Exchange 2.0
  • RM Questions – 10:35 – 10:45
  • RM Small Group Discussion – 10:45- 11:00
  • Targeted Whole Group Discussion – 11:00 – 11:20
    • In the context of moving the Rappahannock watershed to restoration through its economy, is the proposed approach conceptually valid?
    • What would you need answered about Project Feasibility for it to attain “Proof of Concept”?
  • Create Initiative Subcommittees 11:20 – 11:45
  • RMBC logistics 11:45 – 11:50
  • Gather for Lunch and each Subcommittee Convenes 11:50-12:00
  • LUNCH 12-1 (featuring Sting Ray and other local food from the Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay)
    • Lunch Speakers
      • The Rappahannock Nutrient Cooperative Initiative – Could it Really Work? Kurt Stephenson, PhD, Professor, Resources and Environmental Economics, Virginia Tech
      • Eat a Sting Ray – Save the Bay! Aurelia Scharnhorst, Amory Seafood, Hampton, Va.

Enclosed please find a Briefing for the meeting that explains the mission of the Cooperative and the programs it will operate. Because we are working with the University to offer local food products, please be sure to let us know whether or not you can attend by sending an email to Matt James at with the following information:

First Name:

Last Name:





Email (if different from the one sent):

Thank you for your continued interest in the health of our watershed’s economy and ecology. We hope to see you on the 10th!


Senator Emmett Hanger

Chairman and Member of Virginia Senate, 24th District

Rappahannock River Basin Commission

406 Princess Anne Street

Fredericksburg, Virginia


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