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Pastoral Farm Subdivision Lots in the Virginia Foothills near Charlottesville and Shenandoah National Park

American Conservation Broker Roger Voisinet has three lots now on the market at one of the nation’s oldest conservation subdivisions in Greene County, Virginia. Called Farmcolony, it is a several hundred acre piedmont foothills farm that was preserved via this conservation development in the 1970s. Three upland lots (36, 37, and 38) with the best views and hardwood timber are now for sale. All three lots perk and access to all three has just been completed.

These three lots comprise the center of the upland area of the farm, known as Parker Mountain, a small mountain just east of Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive a few miles north of Charlottesville.

Farmcolony is a prototype conservation subdivision – a development that truly preserved a 285 acre working farm. Today, through a farm home owner’s association (that is stable, active, productive, with a positive cash balance, and people actually get along!), cattle, horses, chickens, ducks, fish, timber, an award-winning vegetable garden, a recently renovated farm community center, and alpacas! are cared for.

Similar in concept to Bundoran Farm, but at a fraction of the price, the residents of this farm are middle class folks that work together – whether it’s a family’s turn to maintain the garden, or to lend a hand with the birth of a calf.

One other aspect of the farm in these times is noteworthy. It is, to a significant extent, self-sufficient. Eggs and meat are available to farm owners. Firewood is also in plentiful supply. For this reason, folks in the Washington D.C. area might consider the property to be a comforting refuge for themselves or their family.


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