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Conserv Board Resolves to Explore Linkages between Forests and Oceans in 2011

At the Conserv Board of Directors Annual Meeting today, a resolution was approved to explore the relationships between eastern forests and ocean acidification. Rather than a new interest area, this is an expansion in scale of the Forests to Faucets (F2F) program.



Association of Conservation Real Estate dba Conserv

Board of Directors

December 10, 2010

Whereas the Chicago Climate Exchange has closed its doors, and;

Whereas U.S. Climate Change legislation (Waxman-Markey Bill) may be threatened, and;

Whereas there is significant political controversy about anthropogenic sources of climate change, and;

Whereas the science linking CO2 to ocean acidification appears to be less complex, and;

Whereas there appears to be little understanding among the general public about the linkage between forest carbon sequestration and ocean acidification leading to loss of coral reefs and shellfish in general, and;

Whereas better understanding among the public about the link between forests and ocean acidification could provide a new demand driver for ecosystem services payments;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of Conserv support a new Initiative in 2011 to link forests and oceans, presently called theĀ Atlantic Forests for Seashells (F4S) Dialogues. The Dialogues will be a series of conversations about what can be done to link CO2 and ocean acidification. These will be convened by Conserv with other parties concerned about threats to oceans and also having an interest in markets other than climate change for carbon sequestration.

Edward Bain

Chairman of the Board



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