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Conserv Board of Directors Assumes Control of Public Policy of Virginia

On Tuesday, September 18, the Board of Directors of the Association of Conservation Real Estate dba Conserv assumed control of the organization Public Policy of Virginia (PPV). This friendly transition was accomplished with the assistance of PPV staff and PPV Board of Directors. The entire PPV Board, with the exception of Al Weed, has been replaced by the Conserv Board of Directors.

This acquisition by the Conserv Board will facilitate growth of the organization’s capabilities in the ecosystem-friendly biomass and bioenergy arena. The Board’s interest in bioenergy is primarily based on it’s potential for restoration-based jobs and environmental services, especially in the contexts of water quality and habitat restoration.

In the months ahead, Conserv will relaunch the bioenergy portion of PPV’s programs as Virginia Biomass Solutions (VBS). VBS will focus on:

  • Bioenergy Regulatory Review & Market Analysis;
  • Virginia Bioenergy Network (VBEN), (formerly VBEG); and
  • Bioenergy for the Bay.
For more information about VBS, please contact Brian Becker, at 434-989-0050, and Tatyanna Patten, at 434-806-4060.

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