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Conserv Board Votes to become The Center for Natural Capital

Yesterday, the Conserv Board of Directors voted to rename the organization The Center for Natural Capital, Economic Development through Healthy Ecosystems. This action reflects the acquisition of Public Policy of Virginia earlier this year and the Board’s increasing interest in bottom-up, market-based solutions designed to increase the health of ecosystem services.

The Board also adopted a new Vision and Case Statement for the organization:

Vision: To create, optimize, and integrate natural capital solutions into the marketplace.

Case Statement: We pose a simple but profound question. What would our economy and quality of life look like if we fully integrated our natural systems into the world of commerce? At The Center for Natural Capital, we start each day with the goal of utilizing the abundance of human ingenuity and organizational energy to solve problems and move innovation into transactions of change.

This challenge represents the greatest frontier for improvement in our relationship with the environment.  It allows us to view our natural capital for more than its intrinsic value, and engage the power of entrepreneurism to improve our ecosystems and our economy. The primary channels of The Center for Natural Capital are Energy, Rivers, Landscape, People and the unlimited points of intersection among them.

Functionally, The Center for Natural Capital (CNC) will conduct research and implement demonstration projects and programs, expanding on the type of work typified in the Rivanna Forests to Faucets and Rappahannock River Friendly Yard programs. The Center’s work ends at the proof of concept stage – where for profit entities may choose to move a product or service into commercial deployment.

Steps to implement this change will begin immediately.


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