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VCU Energy and Sustainability Conference Bioenergy Plenary Agenda Set

VCU Energy & Sustainability Conference

1/31 Plenary Session

Biomass for Heat and Power: A Sustainable Energy Solution for the Commonwealth’s Institutions

Target Audience:  Facility managers considering converting their facility to a sustainable biomass feedstock fuel source.  Given that they currently are probably only dealing with a single contractor for delivery of their fuel, they are probably wondering:

A.      What is sustainable biomass fuel?

B.      How are biomass fuels different from conventional fuels?

C.      Is it cost effective?

D.      Is it available?

E.       How do I get it?

F.       What equipment do I need?

G.     What government red tape will I encounter?

H.      Is it really environmentally friendly?


1.       Brian Becker, CNC

2.       John Ignosh, VTCE

a.        Residual Studies and Boiler Map

3.       David Richert, Certified Forester

a.       Woody biomass availability, logistics and infrastructure

4.       Fred Circle, Owner, FDC Enterprises

a.        WSG feedstock supply and delivery

5.       Tony Banks, Commodity Marketing Specialist, VA Farm Bureau

a.       Support programs for biomass, farmers perspective

6.       Howard Tuner, Contracting Solutions Manager, TRANE

a.       Inclusion of biomass into performance contracting, project financing and timeline

7.       John English

a.       Boiler Manufacturer – feedstock quality, installation logistics, facility logistics (what goes where)

8.       Allen Brokenbrough, P.E. VDEQ

a.       Nutrient Credit Trading (and air permitting)

9.       Environmental (TBD)

Facilitator: Michael Collins, CNC

Schedule (75 minutes)

1. Summary Briefings (40)

2. Panel Discussion (20)

3. Audience Discussion (10)


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