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CNC Moderates Virginia Energy and Sustainability Conference 2013 Sustainable Biomass Plenary Session

Yesterday, Center Board Members Fred Circle (FDC Enterprises) and John English (English Boiler and Tube) along with staff Michael Collins, VBS Program Manager Brian Becker and affiliate David Richert, participated in the session The State of Virginia’s Sustainable Biomass Energy System 2013. The session offered the state of the major elements of the sustainable biomass combined heat and power infrastructure in Virginia. Also participating were panelists Tony Smith, Virginia Farm Bureau, John Ignosh (VT Extension – via video), Rebekah Remick, DEQ, Cassandra Stish, Buckingham County, and Neil Clinebell, TRANE.

Thanks also to Larry Cummings with TRANE for providing counsel.

The powerpoint from the session is below:

Virginia Energy and Sustainability Biomass Plenary 2013 FINAL


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