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Center Staff Briefs Rappahannock River Basin Commission on Conservation Economic Development

RRBC Briefing Page 1Center staff members Buzz VanSantvoord and Michael Collins briefed the Rappahannock River Basin Commission last week on recent successes with Conservation Economic Development projects Forests to Faucets, Ahyayha, and Rapidan StreamSweepers. Comments about the briefing and discussion included the following:

“Mike, Sorry I did not get to speak with you before you left, the meeting ran a little long but that is OK. I want to tell you I am impressed with your progress, the demonstration projects are impressive, you have a few kernels that demonstrate that your market based approach is viable, I know the skeptics will point to the small scale but they don’t get it, you start small test the theory and refine on lessons learned growing and expanding on each turn.  Well done my friend.”



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