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Center Hires 13 StreamSweepers Staff for 2014

StreamSweepers On-water Manager Beth Seale recently completed hiring 11 Sweepers and also has promoted two 2013 Sweepers to the new position of Riparian Analyst. Beth says, “I’m looking forward to working with such an incredible staff.  Each of these young people is filled with so much enthusiasm for what StreamSweepers is doing. For them it is not only a job, it’s a unique outdoor experience.”


Cory Anderson, Julia Birch, Abby Foster, Mark Fredericks, Kav Gillespie,  Perry Hammond, Campbell Hancock, Kiefer McDowell,  Cole Reeves, Griffin Sellechia, Davis Teague

Riparian Analysts

Jordan Lee,  Griffin Rice

More information about the 2014 Team will be posted on the Staff portion of the Center website in the coming weeks.


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