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Virginia Bioenergy Network releases 2014 Biomass and Bioenergy in Virginia – State of the State – Version 1

The Virginia Bioenergy Network, a program of CNC, is proud to release our Biomass and Bioenergy in Virginia – State of the State – Version 1. Developed with funding from the Virginia Department of Mines Minerals and Energy, the white paper is an overview of the status of biomass and bioenergy in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The paper begins with an examination of the types of biomass material that are available for bioenergy feedstock then discusses the variety of bioenergy technologies and applications currently in operation around the Commonwealth. Next the reader will find a review of the Code of Virginia for statutes that support bioenergy followed by an overview of biomass and bioenergy research being conducted at the state universities, a description of several state programs supporting bioenergy and an introduction to Virginia’s bioenergy-related organizations. The paper concludes with a set of recommendations to advance the use of biomass for bioenergy to promote job growth, improve the economy and realize the benefits to the environment that bioenergy can bring to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The report is now undergoing further review by members of the Network.





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