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CNC to premiere documentary on money and the Chesapeake Bay

The Center and the Rappahannock River Basin Commission, with funding from Eldon James Associates, and in cooperation with Conservation Concepts LLC, George Washington Regional Commission, and others, will premiere a new short documentary, Buck$ for the Bay – Nutrient Trading – New Ways to Make Money through Restoration , on December 2 at the Virginia State Capital. The film’s theme is based on the findings of capital expenditure simulations held during October of this year in the Northern and Central Piedmont of Virginia funded by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality on River Friendly Capital Improvements.

The film, by videographers Phil and Suzie Audibert, will portray perspectives of landowners, farmers, developers, scientists, and others searching for new bottom up ways to complement the current top down Chesapeake Bay program. A “bottom up” approach means dollars willingly spent by consumers through day to day transactions causing benefits for both buyer and seller and the Bay. A “top down” approach means the use of government policy and regulation causing people, corporations, and communities to act in ways to help the Bay.


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