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SoilKeepers Successfully Completes Pilot Season of Mid-Atlantic Yard Restoration

CNC’s pilot suburban yard landscape maintenance and restoration program, SoilKeepers, has successfully completed it’s inaugural 2014 season. The image below shows a portion of one customer’s backyard. This portion of the yard had its original topsoil stripped by the developer. In addition, it was near a wooded area that receives partial sunlight. The acidic clay was hard as concrete and with biologically dead soils, the owner had been unable to grow grass.

Backyard Before SoilKeepers 2014 Restoration

Backyard Before SoilKeepers 2014 Restoration

Through injection of air, compost, minerals, kelp, and a custom mix of fescue grasses during the spring and fall, these soils are now beginning to support healthy bacteria in the soil column allowing grass to begin to grow. The image below shows beautiful healthy grass with a healthy green color produced by natural biological activity.

Natural soil biology produces beautiful green grass

Brand new shade tolerant grass growing in formerly dead soil

Healthy yards are not only beautiful, but also inexpensive to maintain because like people that exercise, they tend to not get sick and if they do, can heal quickly on their own. These yards are good for surrounding streams, rivers, wild animals, and the Chesapeake Bay.

SoilKeepers is now accepting applications for landscape maintenance in the mid-atlantic region for 2015. For information, call the Center at 540-672-2542.


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