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Center Presentations at Upcoming Spring 2015 Conferences

Sustainable Water Management Conference

Center Staff will participate on the Panel  Can you Afford NOT to Protect your Watershed? The Economic Advantages of Watershed Protection and How to Get Started (Monday, March 16) and present The Optimum Infrastructure Expenditure Model (see entire Panel below).

Moderator: Peter Stangel, U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities, Inc.

The Value of Watershed Protection in Reducing Drinking Water Treatment Costs, Chi Ho Sham, The Cadmus Group, Inc.
The Potential Costs of Watershed Development on Drinking Water Costs, John Hudak, Regional Water Authority
Lessons Learned from Watershed Protection Efforts, Todd Gartner
The Optimum Infrastructure Expenditure Model, Michael Collins, The Center For Natural Capital

Environment Virginia Conference

Center Staff will participate on the Panel Conserving Forests in the 21st Century (Wednesday, April 1) and present Private Sector Efforts for River Friendly Capital Improvements (see entire Panel below).

Moderator: Buck Kline, Virginia Department of Forestry

Using Environmental Markets to Attract Private Capital into Mine Reclamation, Dan Spethmann
Private Sector Efforts for River Friendly Capital Improvements, Michael Collins
Measuring Environmental Impacts of Forest Cover, Randy Wynne
Using Non-traditional Approaches to Mitigate Virginia’s Forest Loss, Gregory Evans



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