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Center for Natural Capital selected as Wood Innovation Grant Recipient in National Competitition


The Center for Natural Capital was recently selected by the United States Forest Service as a Wood Innovation Grants recipient. The Center’s Virginia Community Wood Energy Program was one of 17 successful applicants from a pool of 100 proposals across the nation. The Center’s proposal continues work begun in 2013 with the Virginia Department of Forestry to raise awareness and expand the use of wood fuels as an alternative to fossil fuels for producing hot water and heating buildings. According to Brian Becker, Program Manager for the Virginia Community Wood Energy Program, using wood fuels from local forests stimulates jobs and keeps energy dollars in our communities while contributing to forest health by reducing the cost of forest restoration, invasive species, disease and pest outbreak control, storm debris cleanup, and wild fire mitigation programs. The Virginia Community Wood Energy program provides statewide outreach and education with a focus on fuel oil and propane-depending communities. The Wood Innovation Grant funds will be used to identify potential wood energy users and provide engineering assistance to candidate


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