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Rappahannock River Basin Commission and NatCap Presents Virginia Nutrient Trading Simulation 2 Act Play

Last week, at the Rappahannock River Basin Commission Summit, a Nutrient Trading Simulation was presented in the form of a 2 Act Play. The play was conceived and directed by the Center for Natural Capital (NatCap) with the entire Cast (below) pitching in on the script and playing their parts in costume in the best of thespian tradition. Act I presented a simulation of transactions under current Virginia regs. and policies. Act II presented a future scenario with changes in regs. and policies.

Rappahannock River Basin Commission Summit Nutrient Trading Simulation
The Actors

G’niles Barklay, The Stage Manager Eldon James, RRBC
Gilbert Gotcha (F’burg Urban MS4 Buyer) Kevin Utt, City Fredericksburg
Tom (Big Money) Janowski F’burg Commercial Developer Buyer Zeke Moore, SDI
Ricky Slicky Fredericksburg University MS4 Buyer David Nunnally, Caroline County
Robert Bob City & Town Department of Transportation Sean Simonpietri, Exact Stormwater
Elmer Jones Agricultural Term Credits Seller Mac Saphir, HCSWCD
Big Joe Beamer Fredericksburg Suburban Credits Seller Ross Pickford, Conservation Concepts
Emerson (Tug) Tunstall Upper Rapp. Ag. Conversion Credits Seller I David Perdue, Rappahannock Environmental Bank
Trader Joe Lower Rapp. Ag. Conv. Credits
Seller II James Parker, Fallings Springs LLC
Hugh Bean Virginia State Credit Registry and
Act I and II Transactions Referee Allan Brockenbrough, VDEQ
Lorenzo Escafe DEQ In Lieu Fee Manager Evan Branosky, DC Stormwater Division
Old McDonald Agricultural Term Credit Seller and Old McDonald
Nutrient Credit Aggregators LLC Pat Coady, Northern Virginia Land Trust
Blair Fodderstack, Director Michael Collins, Center for Natural Capital

The production received rave reviews from audience members:

“In particular, I thought the ‘play’ on nutrient trading was very interesting”

“That play was awesome”

“Eldon…I enjoyed the annual meeting. Everyone I have spoken to about it really enjoyed the play, in particular. Such talent in the RRBC!”


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