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StreamSweepers Invite Rapidan and Robinson Rivers Landowners to Discuss Comprehensive Wetland Restoration in Floodplains

StreamSweepers has spent years conducting ecological assessments of nearly all of the Rapidan and Robinson River Valleys. Our work complements recent USGS studies showing the Rapidan and Robinson River Valleys as “Ground Zero” for sediment loading to the Ches. Bay from Virginia (as shown below). As ecological entrepreneurs, we see a problem as a business opportunity. Is it possible to create a comprehensive, voluntary, incentives-based riverside landowner program to substantially reduce this sediment loss through restoration of upland Piedmont wetlands in these rivers’ floodplains?

usgs sediment yield

We will discuss this concept as well as StreamSweeper’s Plans to maintain 120 miles of Virginia’s rivers this summer at a picnic on Sunday, May 22 (see below).

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