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Biological Landscaping Is Like Investing – Regular Deposits Build a Fortune

SoilKeepers’ biological landscaping can be a frustrating enterprise. Mother Nature doesn’t work according to our puny human timeframes. Our clients typically have dirt, not living soil, when we begin working with them. We tell them it will take 2-4 years for the compost deposits to build to a point that the new biology can provide a significant return in nutrients to the turf plants. The lower the organic matter, the lower the cation exchange capacity, the more pathogenic the nematodes, the longer it takes. Today we worked on a client’s yard that we have been trying to build healthy biology on for 4 years. The house was built on horrible low pH fill. Terrible stuff. Surrounding yards on this one side of the street demand synthetic fertilizer for turf to stay alive. The images below show our non-fertilized yard (on the right and in the foreground) compared to synthetically managed neighbor that because the house was sold skipped the fall fertilizer. The results speak for themselves. The client has beautiful natural turf all the while helping the environmental commons, holding onto nutrients to improve the ecology of the Rappahannock River and sequestering greenhouse gases in the soil lockbox.

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