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Debbie Manzari

StreamSweepers Program Manager

Debbie Bio PhotoDebbie Manzari has a BS from Cornell University in Environmental Studies. She spent the early part of her career as a private consultant working for various EPA offices, including the Office Of Drinking Water, where she provided research on projects affecting EPA regulatory decisions. She worked for many years as a music publisher and was successful in placing the music she represented in high profile advertisements and films by leveraging connections and using new technology to reach those consumers. She is the co-producer of the award winning children’s CD series “Reggae For Kids”. She has been affiliated as both a volunteer and employee with A Wider Circle, a non-profit organization in the Washington DC metro area, which provides basic home furnishings to more than 4000 families per year. She enjoys hiking and backpacking, vegetable gardening, and volunteering to increase access to healthy foods for all.

Contact Debbie at the Center at 540-672-2542 or via email at