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Recast Energy

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Since 2004, Recast Energy (formerly Intrinergy’s combined heat and power business) has used safe, reliable, and efficient systems and business practices to convert cost competitive biomass into green electricity and thermal energy (steam) for industrial customers. Our operations have helped our customers reduce carbon footprints by over 100,000 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The conversion from global fossil fuel commodities to locally grown and sustainable sources of biomass also has helped reduce our customers’ exposure to fossil fuel price volatility and secondary emissions such as sulfur dioxide, mercury, and lead. Our facilites are reference points for excellence in the biomass energy industry, demonstrating superb reliability and efficiency. Recast Energy continues to build on this base by leveraging a range of energy solutions including biomass, natural gas, landfill gas, and waste heat recovery.

Recast is working with the Center on local wood energy studies in Virginia’s Northern Piedmont.