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Virginia Bioenergy Network

Virginia Bioenergy Network (VBN) is a clearinghouse for biomass energy information, a network hub for biomass energy interests, and an advocacy outreach campaign.  This program will continue the activities of PPV’s Virginia Biomass Energy Group (VBEG), which broke new ground in Virginia by building a coalition from the disparate sectors presently involved in bioenergy.  This program will develop networking services to synthesize state of the art knowledge on biomass, energy, and related ecosystem services and present this information to a wide variety of public and private stakeholders. Demand for these services will attract individual and public and private entity contributing memberships which will generate a revenue stream to cover general operating expenses. By creating a strong network of bioenergy stakeholders, VBS will have access to industry expertise beyond its staff’s means while providing a voice so that its members’ concerns and information can be disseminated to the public.  This program’s priorities are coalition-building, networking, and outreach.

VBN launch will begin with an initial meeting of the supporting VBEG members to refine program content.  The products and services to be provided by VBN include:

1.      The establishment of an online information clearinghouse on biomass and bioenergy including:

a.      A repository with collected and collated presentations and papers on the state of bioenergy research and development and the maintenance of a web-based, interactive map showing biomass resources, projects and installations around the state,

b.      Social networking tools of news dissemination, including Federal and State legislative tracking and updates.

2.      Bi-annual conference featuring new developments and information beginning spring, 2013.

3.      B2B networking for demonstration and pilot projects, and

4.      Research and outreach on bioenergy practices.

$40,000 is needed to fully fund VBN through 2013. We suggest the following levels of contribution for continuing membership in VBN.

a. Sustaining members (to include academic institutions) – $1000

b. Corporate/consultants – $500

c. Academic and employees of related businesses – $300

d. Others – $100

e. Students – $25

Contributing members of VBN will get discounts on all events we organize and all membership listings will recognize the support you provide.

With PPV’s IRS c-3 status, your contribution to Conserv will be tax deductable. We accept checks, money orders, and online donations (above). Individuals and company/organization representatives who donate $1,000 or more will be invited to join the reconstructed Steering Committee which will direct VBN’s efforts over the next two years.