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Conservation Real Estate – 2009-2013

Due to the real estate downturn, the American Conservation Broker program was discontinued in 2009.

About Conservation Real Estate

“Conservation Real Estate” is property with environmental assets that have conserved using legitimate  stewardship practices. Conserv defines conservation real estate as any property with environmental assets that are conserved through the American Conservation Broker Sales Method or otherwise approved by Conserv.

Only approved conservation real estate can be listed in this marketplace and featured on the Conserv homepage.

Any property, no matter how degraded its current ecological condition may be, can be a conservation property. “Conservation” can span education to easements and include any bona-fide stewardship practice approved by Conserv.

Conserv believes that at a minimum, the act of listing a property within a conservation marketplace furthers the potential for conservation-minded buyers and sellers to find each other.  Conservation-minded buyer and seller access to each other increases the liklihood that seller investments in conservation will be appropriately rewarded, thus fostering additional conservation-related financial investment.

Specifically, Conserv conservation real estate listed within this marketplace meets one or more of the following conditions:

  • the property already has implemented a Conserv-approved stewardship practice;
  • the property is submitted by an American Conservation Broker;
  • the property has been approved by Conserv staff.

Generally speaking, only property that has an existing Conserv-approved stewardship practice or will have such a practice implemented after the sale transaction is eligible.Certification as an American Conservation Broker is available via an on-line curriculum found on this site. A property has “conservation” status because the certified broker or agent has assured that a stewardship practice approved by Conserv has been or will be implemented via a sale transaction. Listing requirements include a “bioassessment screening” and “stewardship practices”.  Because some form of conservation,  as approved by Conserv and agreed to by a seller, is ensured via by the American Conservation Broker, the  Conserv only features these properties on its homepage.

Finally, a property can be submitted by a conservation organization for listing as a Priority Conservation Property. The property has “priority status” because it is known to contain or be located near rare or endangered species or is located within a special ecological region or meets other criteria as approved by Conserv. The priority property marketplace is password protected and only available to individuals and organizations working within the conservation field approved by Conserv. This portion of the marketplace is currently under development.

Information provided by Conserv about listed properties does not constitute an offer to sell or buy.