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StreamSweepers Founders and 2013 Supporters

Behind every human endeavor, there is capital of various kinds. Social capital is the most important though often least appreciated. But without significant financial capital, even the best ideas in today’s world can’t be translated into reality. The Center’s Board of Directors is forever indebted to the 2013 Founders for their belief in the StreamSweeper eco-entrepreneurial dream:

Bald Eagle


Teddy and Emily Grennan

Randy Hudgins

Mark and Ann Kington

Garnett and Lucille Morton

David and Elizabeth Perdue

Somerset Plantation

Charlotte Tieken

American Shad

Stephen Brooks


Chris Artale

Betsy Brantley

Jason Capelle

Dan and Leslie Gregg

Andy Hutchison

Schatzie McClean

Randy and Sis Merrick

Mike Miller

Jeff and Sarah Poole

Peter and Peggy Rice

Monique and Russell Riley

Page Sullenberger

Frank and Bernice Walker

Vlad Wojcik