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StreamSweepers 2014

Fall, 2014…

A new standalone website has been created for this program… Going forward nearly all information on SreamSweepers will be posted on this site, including documentaries and video footage.

July, 2014

Too much going on to keep up with the website…

During Spring, over a dozen Sweepers were hired for the summer. One team was created for the Rapidan and a second for the Robinson. Crew members consisted of college and upper high school students from all over Central Virginia.

There are a slew of new Partners this year that we’ll be talking about later, but one key one, Woodberry Forest, provided support in a variety of ways, including excellent classroom space and computers for training.

IMG_0976The training, like most aspects of StreamSweepers, is pretty intense, spanning the business, hydrology, ecology, sociology, economics, and cultural dimensions of selling restoration of environmental commons in the mid-atlantic region.

Two weeks ago, the Rapidan crew completed stellar work, significantly raising the quality and accuracy of the riparian assessment, for the first time including cutting edge water quality sampling (we’ll be describing later), and hauling thousands of pounds of junk from the river. IMG_1351

The days were at times long, hot, and exhausting. This group of employees also shined in the data analysis and reporting phase of their work, creating new ways of rendering information that will be easier for their customers (landowners and watershed supporters) to understand.

Last week, the Robinson crew got started on a river that is losing water quickly. This made already challenging work that much more difficult, with boats needing to be dragged for long stretches downstream, and tricky rapids where members of the crew quickly learned that boats can get pinned, and people can be hurt.

In the weeks ahead, this crew will continue to face more difficulty than the first. They have confirmed that portions of this incredibly beautiful stretch of river has been treated as somewhat of a junkyard, with perhaps over a hundred tires in just a few miles, along with appliances, and trash of every kind, at a level not seen before on any other stretch of river. Adjustments in protocols are now being discussed to deal with a landscape so full full of garbage.

March, 2014

StreamSweepers is now hiring! We’re looking for 8 staff persons for 40 miles of river work this summer in the Rapidan and Robinson River Valleys of Virginia. Contact Beth Seale @ or @ 540-308-0630.

February, 2014

The Center’s Board of Directors and StreamSweepers Advisory Board have identified 2014 river stretches. Roughly 20 miles of the Rapidan River along with 20 miles of the Robinson will be completed this year (as shown below in the purple and light blue respectively). Note: 17 miles of the Rapidan was completed in 2013 (shown as the red stretch).

Revised 2014 Rapidan and Robinson Stretches

More information will be posted here as detailed plans for the year emerge.