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List of Potential Nitrogen and Carbon Reductions for UVA Real Estate Foundation Lands

NatCap staff met yesterday with the University of Virginia Sustainability Committee Offset Task Force to discuss the report List of Potential Nitrogen and Carbon Reductions for UVA Real Estate Foundation Lands and associated project ranking datasheet. The scoping level analysis identified six nitrogen and carbon reduction projects/practices that show promise to provide substantial footprint reductions. […]


Pillar 4 of a Bioregional Economy – Environmental Business Indicator: The Point of Contact between Business and Government

The early operational framework that has been developed for the Rappahannock Exchange, a proposed bioregional marketplace to be located in Central Virginia, to stretch from the Chesapeake Bay to the Blue Ridge Mountains, features the use of an “Environmental Business Indicator”. Exactly how the indicator will be deployed won’t be known until the Ecosystem Services […]


The Emerging Pillars of a New Bioregional Marketplace

In the weeks ahead, as we plan for the launch of the Rappahannock Exchange, we will offer up occasional briefings on the pillars of future bioregional markets to enhance ecosystem health of keystone environmental assets. These include: Creation-care ministries of faith and ethics communities Biomimicry Ecosystem health goal setting Ecological footprinting Holistic health care Bioregionalism […]


Conserv to assist Virginia Groundwater with preparation of report on Groundwater Ecosystem Services for Charlottesville area population study

Conserv is working with Virginia Groundwater, LLC to prepare a report titled Underground Albemarle revised: How do groundwater ecosystem services impact optimal sustainable population size for the Charlottesville/Albemarle community? for the organization Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population. Virginia Groundwater is preparing the hydrogeology portion of the study with Conserv focused on groundwater ecosystem services […]