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Tag archive for ‘Green and Grey Infrastructure Optimization’

Rappahannock River Basin Commission and CNC Launch River Friendly Capital Improvements

River Friendly Capital Improvements, a new website focused on synergies between Virginia local governments and public/private utilities launches Friday, August 15.


Center Receives Funds to Build Coalition for Implementation of Water Utility Payment System for Green Infrastructure

Additional funding was awarded today from the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities and the Virginia Department of Forestry to the Center to conduct coalition building among diverse economic and environmental interests in Central Virginia for the purpose of testing implementation of the use of a portion of the water utility base rate as a […]


Conserv and Virginia Department of Forestry Presents OIE to Rivanna River Basin Commission Technical Committee

The OIE decision support system was presented to the Committee for their review. Several in the group felt that the real power of the tool is a context to facilitate discussions between utility/public works staff and conservationists. The staff of the Commission is interested in convening a meeting to invite policy makers to optimize South […]


Conserv begins testing Green/Grey Infrastructure Expenditure Optimization Tool for F2F Initiative

Conserv, in association with¬†The Center for Sustainable Groundwater, has completed a beta-version of a capital expenditure planning tool for water supply utilities and local governments. The tool, called the¬†Optimal Infrastructure Expenditure (OIE) Capital Planner,allows the user to optimize expenditures for green infrastructure (afforestation and forest conservation easements) and for grey infrastructure (dredging). The OIE Project […]