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StreamSweepers 2016 Complete Training

Left to right for the crew photo are: Front: Ryan RankinsĀ  Left to Right: Zachary Ray, Debbie Manzari-Program Manager Jack Murray, Conner McGhee, Daniel Squitieri, Mac Klackle & Kira Lander -returning Sweepers from 2015, Austin Garr, Spencer Goodwin, Taylor Dawson, Emily Dieckhoff (not pictured Cody Landridge)


Sipping the bounty of the lower Robinson

With the pending launch of the Rappahannock River Exchange this coming December, I tell myself that it is essential to pull myself away from the office to viscerally experience the waters of the basin through the drudgery of fishing the lower Robinson. Hey, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it. I’m crazy […]


Bridge over the River Robinson

As Conserv‘s relationship with the Rappahannock River Basin deepens, I thought it would be a good idea to explore one of my favorite tributaries of the river a little more deeply. With the high waters of early summer, I took the opportunity to kayak the upper Robinson, from Criglersville to Rt. 29. It was a […]